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Sustainable Exchange. Non credit bearing option 2017




This option allows alumni of the IFLAS MOOC who do not seek any certification or accreditation towards our post-graduate degrees to continue their learning face-to-face with our tutors, alongside the students of the Sustainable Exchange Certificate of Achievement.


Detailed Description

The content of this course is the same as the Certificate of Achievement in “Sustainable Exchange”, taught at the University Campus in London.  
But by purchasing this option, the applicant agrees to the following conditions:
1) No grades, marks, certification and university credits will be granted.
2) Entry and selection criteria are the same as for the credit-bearing option: Completion of the IFLAS MOOC prior to the course, submission of all 4 assignment during the MOOC.
3) Participants are not required to complete the post-residential course work, but are required to participate in all other course assignment and activities. Students choosing this option will not have access to the university library, neither physical nor online, or other learning facilities offered to regular students. Material required for the residential course will be made available directly through the tutors.
4) The applicant cannot be currently enrolled in any of the IFLAS post-graduate programmes (PGC or MA).
5) If the applicant enrolls on any IFLAS post-graduate programme in the future, participation in this non-credit bearing option will not count as one of the mandatory or optional modules. 
6) The university will provide a receipt of payment on request, but offer no assistance to international participants of the non-credit bearing option in obtaining their visa to the UK. Failure to obtain a visa or any other logistics issues prohibiting the participant from being present for the course, are solely the responsibility of the participant and do not alter the cancellation and refund conditions.
7) Payment in full is required prior to the start of the course.
8) The fee does not cover accommodation or meals during the course.
9) All payments for this non-credit option of this short course are nonrefundable in accordance with University T&C.

10) Availability of the option is limited to five participants. The price of £600.00 is a limited, promotional offer.