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Jack Beckman and Hilary Cooper CM2023 Online Talk

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Online talk in the Charlotte Mason series
Monday 19th June 2023 17.30 – 18.45 GMT
Prof Jack Beckman and Prof Hilary Cooper hosted by Prof Sally Elton-Chalcraft.


Detailed Description

1. Realising a Pedagogy Charlotte Mason - Timeless Truths, Teaching and Learning Designed as an introduction to Charlotte Mason’s (1842-1923) essential ideas and practices- Prof Jack Beckmann 

This presentation explores Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy through several lenses: the personhood of the learner, the four pillars of education, and a brief overview of her realized pedagogical practices. Mason’s model was founded upon a Christian theological framework which aided in the development of a philosophy and practice codified in six books and operationalized in the Parents National Educational Union, the House of Education in Ambleside, and presently a growing revitalization in the United States. Although centred upon a Christian framework, her philosophy of education offers a number of practices and convictions that maintain their valency today.  

If Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) was right, then education is indeed a life as Jack has spent over 40 years under the regulus and patterns of teaching and learning - initially as an Early Childhood educator in the classroom, then as an educational leader, and finally as Professor of Elementary Education at Covenant College. Each of these contexts has allowed Jack the privilege of working with students, teachers, and parents on a variety of levels involving instructional pedagogy, curriculum development, and teacher professional learning.  

2. Charlotte Mason's Philosophy on Outdoor Education and History applied to contemporary contexts - Professor Hilary Cooper  

Charlotte Mason's views on outdoor education and history are considered and related to constructivist theories and the English National Curriculum. Images of two case studies of primary school children learning history in the outdoors and their subsequent talk and writing are analysed through the lens of Mason's ideas. A third illustrated case- study describes a weekend course for teachers on teaching and learning history outdoors. 

Dr. Hilary Cooper is Emeritus Professor at Cumbria University. She taught in London Primary Schools and at Goldsmiths' College, was Director of Professional Studies in Education at Lancaster University and Professor of History and Pedagogy at the University of Cumbria. She has written many books and has an international reputation. 

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